Grinding: External and Internal

Precision O.D. and I.D. grinding to tolerances of 0.0005 inches. Many chrome plating facilities plates a machined or polished surface and then polish the partstraight out of the tank. At C&L Cylinder and Machine, we pre-grind parts to be plated and regrind after plating. This process insures the chrome has a round and uniform surface to adhere to; and when the part is reground it is perfectly round and uniform in its measurement to the nearest .00005 inch.
C&L is your best industrial grinding resource. With years of experience, our craftsmen can hold the closest tolerances on size, dflatness and parallelism. We operate grinders with 5-axis movements. If you can draw it, we can grind it! 5-axis grinding allows us to grind many complex shapes that cannot be ground using conventional grinding equipment. Experience with grinding and machining all types of materials including abrasive plate, stainless steels, tungsten carbide, ceramics, beryllium copper and others. We possess all the auxiliary equipment needed such as:d

* Belt Polishing up to 40 feet
* Vibratory and sandblasting de-burring systems
* Blanchard Grinders, up to 108″
* Surface Grinders capable of 204″
* OD Grinders
* CNC Milling Machines

We also operate 40 major machines including manual mills, CNC machining centers, NC saws and heat-treating furnaces. We can subcontract machine work or produce from scratch most any wear parts, machine knives, or precision steel specialties.

We also Custom Design and Build!

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