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We are your complete, "One Stop Shop" professional hydraulic and cylinder repair and service center.

About C&L Cylinder

Since 2000, our reputation has grown as we've expanded our service to include heavy mining equipment and factory machinery. We have a reputation for servicing equipment from all types of industries - from heavy mining and oil filed equipment to small cylinders on lift gates.

Our Skilled craftsmen are dedicated to giving you quick quality repairs to get you back in service as soon as possible.

C&L Cylinder and Machine has the equipment, the shop space and the personnel to repair your hydraulic cylinders and pumps so you can avoid the costly expense of new replacements.

Our shop has the latest in equipment and are staff is well trained and experienced!

Our "One-Stop" service allows us to get you back in operation as fast as possible.

C&L Cylinder has the equipment to disassemble, weld, turn, reassemble and test your cylinders and pumps under one roof.

As an additional service, we can remove, rebuild, test and re-install cylinders on your heavy equipment.

Applications & Operations

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Here are just few applications and operations that take advantage of our fast, reliable service:
* Single acting
* telescoping-multi-stage
* hydraulic hoses
* valves
* pumps

We handle ALL SIZES of cylinders with our fully equipped shop.

* Construction Equipment
* Farm equipment
* Sanitation trucks
* Snow plows
* Endumps
* Lift Gates
* Mining Equipment
* Oil Field Equipment
* Excavating Equipment
* Log Splitters
* Refuse Compactor


10 West 1st Street
Lindale, GA 30147


10 West 1st Street
Lindale, GA 30147


10 West 1st Street
Lindale, GA 30147

C&L Cylinder, established in 2000, provides comprehensive hydraulic repair, manufacturing and machining services. Staffed with more than 20 employees, we are committed to consistently exceeding your expectations. Our modern 60,000 square foot facility is located in Rome, Georgia.

Driven towards excellence with the highest standards
Our professional hydraulic repair capabilities are at the core of the widespread services that we provide. From a simple reseal to a major overhaul, our highly skilled technicians can evaluate any hydraulic component and offer a solution to fit your schedule as well your budget.

Best customer service within a thousand mile range!

Great Folks that do GREAT work!!

Absolutely a 5 Star business,. Called them early in the week to make plans for a repair to a 8 inch bore 49 inch stroke cylinder. They assured that regardless of the problem they could fix it. Now i had to have this done and back in the machine by Monday morning. And they delivered as promised. Even with having to cut the cylinder apart with a torch ( threads to gaulded to unscrew ) they repaired the cylinder, made a new rod, and a new rod head. I still picked it up and headed home just 12 hours after dropping it off. NOW THATS SERVICE. Plus it was a pleasure doing business with them. Great people to work with.

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Since 2000, our reputation has grown 


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